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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 193
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) Serotek is launching an online radio station, Samnet Radio, featuring music from the last four decades along with technology news and announcements.

2) A 64-bit version of the magnification program MAGic is now available for testing.

3) An individual is endeavoring to launch an organization called International Association of Visually Impaired Computer Professionals to facilitate networkking and advocacy. Board members from throughout the world are being sought. To apply or inquire, write to:

4) Stillson Highlights HumanWare's DeafBlind Communicator That Opens Communication Lines for Deaf-Blind on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday 3 February at 01:00.

5) Recent additions to Listen and Learn Recordings include a look at the Windows 7 beta with JAWS and a demonstration of using the Talks web browser for Symbian phones. they are actively soliciting people to record tutorials and walk-throughs.

6) The January, 2009 edition of AccessWorld is now available, featuring a review of the speech-enabled iPod Nano and the new accessibility features in Apple iTunes, reviewsof two cell phones designed for use by the elderly which can be of use to people with low vision, a review of the Mobile Geo GPS program for windows mobile phones, and more.

7) From Fred's Head Companion, we learn about Media Keyboard to Media Player, a program that supposedly provides keyboard support to media players that do not have it.

8) They also direct us to three different services for generating reminders to yourself, some using e-mail, some using RSS:

9) Finally, they inform us that you can listen to conversations between air traffic controllers and aircrafts.

10) The NFB Access Technology Blog offers a review of the Deaf Blind Communicator.
This blog also offered A Comparison of Mobile Geo and Wayfinder Access
and a review of Walking Hotspot
I announced those last two items last week, and a couple people wrote to say the links didn't work. As of today, the links I'm providing work on my system.

11) Cathy Ann Murtha will offer a two-day, eight-hour Immersion into Word 2007 for $200 this weekend, 31 January-1 February. To investigate or register:
She still has eight free audio lessons on Windows Xp available for online listening or viewing.

12) this updated page contains audio tutorials, designed for JAWS users, for the various audio programs from Applian Technologies, such as Replay A/v, Replay Music and Replay Converter.

13) In Issue #26 of FSCast from Freedom Scientific, the topic is JAWS support for Web 2.0 and the advantages of ARIA.

14) Here is the Second SeroTalk Tech Chat, discussing Using Facebook, Twitter and the Socializer

15) The Sixth SeroTalk Podcast has a section on online digital Books, and Announces SAMNet Radio

16) Design Science is testing MathDaisy, a program which, in conjunction with the Microsoft Save As Daisy Plug-in and the free Daisy Pipeline product will turn equations into DAISY format. They expect the product to be available in March around the time of the CSUN conference. If you want to test it, write to

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