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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 146
Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC
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1) The ATIA Conference is now over. Blind Bargains has created a page where you can easily access all the interviews they conducted in other recordings they made during the conference. Many recent Tidbits have come from news announced at that Conference.

2) Next Generation Technologies announces that J-Say Professional Version 6 will soon be available. A new Feature Pack for the program will be made available in April. This free upgrade will contain a simplified installation routine and more organized training materials.

3) Serotek is seeking to revolutionize the adaptive technology industry. They have spun off a foundation called Accessibility Is A Right and have turned over distribution and development of their free online screen reader System Access To Go to that foundation. Henceforth, anybody anywhere with Internet access has free unlimited use of this screen reader, which is probably the most fully developed free screen reader available. The company indicated plans to create other language versions of the product, with Mandarin Chinese being their first target.

4) Here is a website where people can find out stories about their favorite songs.

5) David Bailes has written a thorough JAWS Guide to Internet Explorer 7, another in his growing series of comprehensive guides for the JAWS user.

6) A lot of folks with vision loss enjoy reading books through Now, Amazon has purchased the company.

7) Thanks to The Ranger Station, if you want to know what's coming up with Windows Vista Service Pack one, you can read this FAQ:

8) Over the years, a lot of children with the sight to do so have enjoyed drawing on Etch a Sketch. Now, thanks to Fred's Head Companion, we learn about two electronic versions of this old favorite. First, there's the free online version.
And you can also buy a version that allows you to draw using a controller , and view pictures on a television.

9) Humanware announces that version 2.1 of Maestro, its excessible PDA which can house the Trekker GPS program, now features accessibility to the web. The upgrade is free to owners of the unit.

10) Richard McKinley has written a program called OE manager, intended to create a simpler interface to Outlook Express.

11) This audio news report discusses access to tactile maps on demand:

12) Here are background documents and recommendations from the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) regarding making dynamic web content accessible to users with disabilities; comments are sought.

13) The Daisy consortium is also hlooking for input for the next version of its specifications.
The Daisy web site is

14) Ai Squared has released ZoomText Scripting Edition, which allows those with the skill to do so to make ZoomText a more efficient screen reading/magnification product. The company also seeks people who have scripting skills so they can refer users who need custom scripts developed. They offer a 20% discount on the $999 purchase price, and presumably on upgrades, through February.

15) View International Foundation sells cd's containing tactile diagrams developped for use by college students. The entire collection comprises 11,280 files and sells for $259, but individual theme-based cd's can be purchased depending on the need. The diagraps are to be printed onto capsule paper.

16) The Colorado Center for the Blind will hire a Technology Instructor. To apply, e-mail resume to:

17) In the first of several useful items from Fred's Head Companion to wrap up, here is BoxCloud, a way to share large files with friends and colleagues without having to upload the files to a central repository:

18) In a similar vein, SimplifyMedia lets you access your own music and media collection from another computer, or share with friends:

19) SkreemR is a database for finding audio content on the net, with the reliability of each source rated and with places for potential purchase within easy reach:

20) Woomz is another search engine for music and audio content.

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