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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 149

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) "Wired For Business! Strategies for incorporating Wireless Braille into your Technological Journey" will be the title of the Tek Talk free online training to take place on GMT Tuesday, 4 March at 01:00. Larry Lewis, President of Flying Blind, LLC brings considerable experience and enthusiasm to the topic.

2) The staff at Gw Micro continues to whet our appetite for information about the upcoming version of Window-Eyes. Now you can listen to or download their latest radio program, which discusses the new features, and particularly the new scripting feature to be found in version 7.

3) If you want to join a mailing list regarding Accessible Math, go to:

4) A free electronic book, Wireless Networking in the Developing World is available as an accessible PDF document, and eventually in HTML format, from this page. Versions in other languages are also available.

5) Tidbits would be a lot shorter if it weren't for Fred's Head Companion. If you want an easy way to search through a lot of recipes, try the Food Blog Search.

6) This posting from Fred's Head Companion gives clear instructions on how you can create a simple web page using Microsoft Word.

7) Yet another golden goody from our favorite source is Talkster, an intriguing site which claims to offer no-strings-attached free calling between residents of 29 different countries. Ostensibly, you input the phone numbers of each of the parties on their website, and you receive local numbers which you can use to place these individual calls.

8) The final borrowing from Fred's Head Companion, at least for the moment, is News Clipper, a site where news stories from seven different television networks are aggregated. You can search for news stories, or see how the same story is covered by different networks.

9) The Ranger Station offers us a thorough review of the new portable version of Zoomtext.

10) A free electronic book, "The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor and Privacy on the Internet," published in 2007, is available in accessible PDF format. A discussion guide is also available.

11) A new mailing list has been created to meet the needs of blind system administrators. To subscribe, send a blank message to:

12) EASI will offer a four-part, fee-based series: Learning to Create PDF Documents and Learning Acrobat, beginning 11 March.

13) Here is a handy page for people in the U.S. to find out what is on television:

14) Main Menu, ACBRadio's weekly technology program, is alive and well. However, the timing of their program announcements does not allow the information to be included in Tidbits before the programs are aired. These days, the shows are archived quickly. Hence, recent editions of the program available online feature an interview with Jim Fruchterman regarding Bookshare and other Benetech initiatives for the blind, a discussion of the new MacBook Air laptop from an accessibility perspective, information concerning updates and new products from T&T Consultancy, information about and a demonstration of the new KNFB Mobile Reader; and a discussion and demonstration of new features available in System Access.

15) Joseph lee has created many informative podcasts while still a high school student, and he has now created a "wiki" to share support information regarding the Braillenote family of products.

16) Richard Seltzer has made a business of compiling easy-two-use, comprehensive and well organized collections of public domain books on CD and DVD. You can look at the range of his offerings here:

National Braille Press has sold some of his compilations in the past, and now they are featuring one: Books of the Western Canon, containing 797 books covering the history of western thought, for $29.00.

17) A poster to a mailing list enthusiastically recommends Amadeus Pro, a $40 audio editor for the Mac for its accessibility and power for a reasonable price.

18) Sendero Group offers a number of deals for those wishing to upgrade to its latest GPS package. Their web site now includes rss feeds and an enhanced search capability.

19) The American Foundation for the Blind is inviting input on proposed guidelines for educational media description.

20) The Gnome Foundation is offering $50,000 in grants to improve accessibility of the gnome desktop in Linux.

21) Blind Bargains introduces us to the Blind Planet News Aggregator, a site where you can find news and postings from several blindness-oriented blogs.

22) I haven't lifted anything from Fred's Head Companion for several lines now, so let's finish with a few useful items from there. Accessible FX Software currently offers 11 free programs, many of which may be of use to people with low vision. The site also offers other free downloads.

23) This posting provides information about tutorials on the Internet concerning Internet-related medical sites in general and various medical conditions.

24) Audiobaba is yet another innovative music-related site. Here, you input an artist or song title, and the site purports to find other music which is acoustically related to the song you searched for. Hence, it's supposed to find other music that you will like. You can listen to snippets of some of the songs it finds.

25) The city of Chicago is offering a new free guide for visitors with disabilities called "Easy Access Chicago."

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