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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 203
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) T and T Consultancy has released version 4.1 of J-Tunes, which supports iTunes 8.1, which offers some support for JFW version 7, improved responsives, and support for iTunes DJ and Autofill Functions. J-Tunes claims to provide JAWS users with superior access to iTunes than they have without it.

2) Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 14 April at 00"00 features a demonstration of the Voice Over screen reader for the Mac.

3) Fred's Head reports on testing of Radio Sure, a Windows program that lets you listen to and record some 10,000 radio stations. Apparently at least with JAWS necessary buttons aren't labeled, but otherwise the program is accessible.

4) Here's a Fred's Head post entitled How can I send a fax from the Internet?

5) Finally from that source, is a site that claims to list things to do in many localities, so you can plan outings and activities.

6) The Amazon Kindle Reader has been a hot topic of late. It allows for reading of its books using text-to-speech. However, Amazon has allowed authors and publishers to disable this function in their books if they want, thereby removing access by the blind. A number of organizations have banded together to post a petition asking that Amazon and the Authors' Guild reverse this policy.

7) Stephen Jolley has a unique collection of streaming audio links focusing on cricket and rugby among other subjects. The most interesting recent addition is the second of two radio information services for the blind that broadcast online.

8) With Jamal Mazrui's release of version 3.3 of pdf2txt, the program is probably the most powerful free way under Windows to turn pdf files into easily-readable text. It now incorporates three different text conversion methods, an html converter and a means to turn those annoying pictures-of-text into readable text.

9) is a site consisting of forums for sharing of information among users with low vision.

10) Bill Boules' Friday Morning Podcast this week will feature a discussion of the Sendspace service that lets you send files too large to send via e-mail. Recent episodes have discussed netbooks, Twitter, and the Magic Jack phone service. You can subscribe or download files here:

11) The editor at Gizmo's Best Ever Freeware has written an article, Best Free Intrusion Detection Program (HIPS)

12) Andreas Stefik, Professor at Central Washington University, has been working with a team to develop a multi-media accessible program environment for blind programmers. The team is to the point where it may be able to hire a (probably part-time) programmer, and is also looking for volunteers to assist in what they believe will enhance employment opportunities for programmers. If interested, e-mail Andreas at

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