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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 254
The Week's News in Access Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) The first release for the year of the free screen reader NVDA is out. Version 2010.1 mostly features bug fixes.

2) Jamal Mazrui has updated his powerful free text editor EdSharp to version 3.2
And his powerful free file manager FileDir to version 3.8
Both programs now provide direct speech for users of NVDA, and also give users access to 35 Web Client Utilities, which are quick ways to get information from the web from within the program interface.

3) You can now buy any of twelve RealSpeak voices for use with your Serotek products.
This and a lot of other topics are discussed in Serotalk podcast #39.

4) In Freedom Scientific's official FSCast podcast this month, we learn about a coming free upgrade to JAWS 11 and how JAWS is working with the new social networking features, including Facebook Chat, in the AIM 7.2 Instant Messaging client.

5) My Axess is an independent source for news, reviews, and information on various technology related to mobile devices.

6) The creator of Blind Mind promises more podcasts to be forthcoming. In this one, we hear an interview with Dennis Lembree, creator of & author of web accessibility blog Web Axe

7) It's hard to avoid terms like tweet, post, and poke, these days. If you know these words have new meanings, but you're not sure what those meanings are, or you'd like to learn more about social networking, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Anna Dresner will try to help on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday 20 April at 00:00.

8) Last week, we mentioned the BARDTalk mailing list for discussing the US NLS book download program. There is also an associated web site with resources:

9) EASI presents a $225 4-part webinar: Hands--on Web Design for Beginners & Intermediates, based on DreamWeaver as the web design tool. The series will take place on four Tuesdays starting 20 April at 18:00 GMT.

10) Dr. Sarah Morley has written a new book for blind and low-vision users: Windows 7 and Vista Explained.

11) This Fred's Head post is called Find TV Episodes with Google

12) This article from Gizmo is called How to Stop Bad Websites Infecting Your PC

13) Gizmo's pick for the Best Free Drive-Imaging program has been updated. I don't know if any programs mentioned here are or are not accessible, but at least they come highly recommended at it doesn't cost anything to find out.

14) HotSpot 3.0 is a Window-Eyes script that may enable non-scripters to easily make window-Eyes work better with many applications.

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