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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 207
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) Let's begin with lots of free training: Gw Micro has accelerated its online training endeavors recently. One upcoming event is Free Online Window-Eyes Training for Teachers and Students: Top Ten Things You and Your Student Should Know About Window-Eyes, to take place on Thursday, 4 June at 19:00 GMT. Pre-registration is required, and the training could fill fast. E-mail

2) Earlier the same day, at 15:00 GMT, they will offer a Free Online Training for Braille Sense Plus and Voice Sense, focusing on the word processor and file manager. Again, to register, e-mail

3) Recordings of many recent GW Micro trainings, including their popular recent scripting trainings and presentations at CSUN, and presumably future trainings as well, can be found in their podcast listing:

4) Freedom Scientific offers Surf's Up! Surfing the Internet with JAWS and MAGic, Lesson
6 on Thursday, 14 May at 19:"00 GMT. this free training covers OnMouseOvers; languages on the Web; dealing with difficult pages; pages that refresh frequently; using the JAWS find command on Web pages; and search engines on the Web. Register online at

5) A good selection of audio-described movies can be found in the Blind Mice Movie Vault.

6) The editors at Gizmo's Best Ever Freeware have uncovered s site full of free e-mail backup programs. The free versions are less conspicuous than the paid ones, but they're there.

7) This week's Tek Talk will feature a demonstration of a new reading system marketed by EVAS, the Scan-Read-Magnify System. the event takes place on GMT Tuesday 12 May and starts at 00:00.

8) Johanna Sarkinen from Finland is spearheading a new online radio station, called The Global Voice. It's slogan is: "Helping world's blind and sighted communities see eye to eye".

9) There now appear to be three online broadcasts regarding technology for people with vision loss. One, Innovations, produced by people on the last Main Menu team, airs for one hour on the Global Voice four times weekly: GMT Sunday at 07:00, Tuesday at 17:00, Thursday at 00:00 and Friday at 14:00.

10) Meanwhile, an earlier Main Menu team has re-launched Main Menu on ACBRadio airing on GMT Saturday at 01:00 with broadcasts repeated throughout that day.

11) The May, 2009 issue of The Braille Monitor contains an article entitled Low-Cost Screen Readers

12) SeroTalk Tech chat 14 is entitled Using Serotek Remote Access to Optimize Windows XP

13) Adults in the Eastern US or who can get there can perhaps take advantage of a very reasonably-priced conference: VISIONS 3rd Annual Employment and Technology Institute, Summer 2009. The event runs from 22-28 July, and costs $75, or you can take part in the included intensive technology weekend only, July 24-26, for $50. Round-trip bus transportation from Manhattan to the rural conference facility is included. Register at

14) Google has announced that they are partnering with Lime to offer scholarships to students with disabilities who are pursuing university degrees in the field of computer science in Canada or the U.S.

15) In honor of the 9th birthday of her company on 8 May, Kathy Ann Murtha offers a 20%discount on textbook purchases if you put the word happy into the discount code field of her shopping cart.

16) Fred's Head tells us that the Maximum Pc website has a very useful Blue Screen of Death Survival Guide to figure out what to do about those frightening crashes.

17) This Fred's Head posting contains several resources and is called User Manuals for Any Gadget

18) This one also contains several resources on the topic, and is called What is a Wiki?

19) Finally, This one is entitled NonFiction Documentary Videos

20) Version 2.4 of the MegaDots braille translation program from Duxbury Systems is available, featuring more supported embossers, better support for Windows Vista, improved Nemeth translation, and a number of other enhancements.

21) A user suggests that if anyone is ever looking for a fun web site to browse when looking for deals on miscellaneous stuff check out:

22) The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) is
holding a YouTube Video Contest to showcase people and how
assistive technology has helped them. You could win a prize if your video is
among those that receive the most views on YouTube. For details go to

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