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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 211
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) Fred's Head suggests that is similar in structure to Netflix, but it provides a subscription service for books on tapes and cd.

2) is a site that tracks more than 140,000 artists so that you can receive information whenever they come out with a new recording.

3) this Fred's Head posting is called Getting more out of Google and probably contains some resources you didn't know about.

4) Deal Waiter lets you specify a product, and then when its price lowers, you get e-mail or twitter notification.

5) Using the Accessible iPod is a new book by By Anna Dresner, available in electronic braille, DAISY, and paper print and Braille, each for $15, from National Braille Press. The DAISY version will play on the free demo of FS Reader, so anybody can listen to it on their computer with that program, as well as a couple other free DAISY programs which can be had.

6) On this week's installment of Innovations, we hear about the new updates from Dolphin Systems, new products from the Acapela group and more about the Yamaha Tyros keyboard. Innovations is first heard on GMT Tuesday at 17:00 with repeats on Thursday at 00:00, Friday at 14:00, Sunday at 09:00 on the Global Voice.>.

7) The Eye-PAL and Eye-PAL Solo are the topics for Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday 8 June. The Eye-PAL is a portable reading device designed for quick and effective reading.

8) A set of free JAWS scripts for Sibelius, a popular music composition program, continues to evolve. Current scripts work with version 5, which will still be sold even with version 6 now being sold. Version 6 contains many enhancements, with perhaps the greatest being that blind teachers and composers who have to create print scores will be able to do so with almost no sighted help.

9) EASI will offer a free online webinar on the new features of NFB Newsline on Tuesday, 16 June at 18:00 GMT. To register:

10) They will also offer a free webinar entitled Accessible Tables in Word and Ranges in Excel - June 24 at 18:00 GMT.This one will last 1.5 hours and offer hands-on practice. To register:

11) in Window-Eyes scripting updates, Chip Orange has written a script for programmers to use in the VBA environment of Microsoft Office

12) Jamal Mazrui has written a script that reads a random famous quote whenever Window-Eyes launches. The quotations come from
You can use the script to read more quotes or copy and save them. Different quotations are apparently offered by the site each day.

13) New JAWS scripts are available for the sound editor Goldwave, which has recently undergone an upgrade.

14) Kathy Ann Murtha is offering a $25 seminar on the use of the ribbons of Office 2007 on Saturday, 6 June at 21:00 GMT, lasting until questions are answered. To register or for more information:

15) Read a New York Times article, Preparing to Sell E-Books, Google Takes on Amazon

16) Microsoft's Bing search engine is now out. For one viewpoint, read this article by Gizmo, entitled "Bing is to Google what the Zune is to the iPod: too little, too late."

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