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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 264
The Week's News in Access Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) The latest NFB - Technology Resource List is available.

2) Gizmo tells about about Pen Suites, collections of apps run from a "pen" or "thumb" drive. Here are some especially useful collections:

3) The Gizmo team also tells us about A Great Anti-Keylogger for Free

4) Chip Orange has written Window-Eyes scripts for the Windows Speech Recognition module in Windows Vista or Windows 7. These scripts, along with the free WSR macros, have the potential to give Window-Eyes users nearly the same level of hands-free computer control afforded by JSay for JAWS users, but at no cost.

5) FSCast Issue 43 from Freedom Scientific concerns their Vision Awareness Days and the accounting package Accomplish Cashmanager whose developer has worked to ensure its accessibility with JAWS.

6) Serotalk Tech Chat 64 is about What's New in Microsoft Office 2010

7) On SeroTalk Podcast 44 we learn about iOS4 Enhancements, Tech News, and the Latest on Mobile Devices

8) The 30 June 2010 post to the NFB Access Technology Blog gives resources to accompany the Apple Macintosh and Mobile Accessibility sessions at National Convention. The 22 June post gives their impression of IOS4, the latest upgrade to the iPhone.

9) Sendero Group announces Sendero Maps, Accessible Talking Maps for the Windows PC. The program lets you create and follow a route to a destination, exploring intersection by intersection, and learn about millions of points of interest. The program price ranges from $395 to free, depending on what other Sendero programs you have purchased.

10) This archive of some 30 documents contains accessibility guides and research studies from

11) Victor Reader Stream and SAMNet Content from Serotek will be the topic of a Webinar on GMT Friday, 2 July at 01:00. Stream users can now easily access SamNet content.

12) Reigel Technology offers these $75 trainings, each from 21:00-23:00 GMT on the appointed day: Windows Live, Tuesday, 13 July; Accessible PDF Creation, Tuesday, 27 July; Internet Explorer 8, Thursday, 12 August; NVDA Free Screen Reader, Tuesday 23 August.

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