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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 220
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

For questions and comments regarding Tidbits, please e-mail Dean Martineau at Dean Martineau provides adaptive technology training by phone, online, and in person, with flexible arrangements, and at affordable prices.

This Issue's Featured Advertisement:
Accessible Event: Your Source for Online Collaboration
Accessible Event Logo Traditionally, web conferencing programs have been inaccessible to the vision-impaired and deaf-blind communities. Until now.
Introducing Accessible Event. Accessible Event bundles state-of-the-art, mainstream, web conferencing technology with adaptive technology "know-how" to give vision-impaired and deaf-blind consumers the ability to attend and participate in online, web-based, collaborative presentations using their preferred desktop or mobile screenreader and/or optional Refreshable Braille display. Accessible Event requires only an internet connection and Adobe Flash Player to function.
Use Accessible Event as either a standalone web conferencing application or in conjunction with WebEx, GoToMeeting, Connect, or LiveMeeting to seamlessly and efficiently interact with sighted classmates and/or colleagues from any location. No matter what your circumstances, Accessible Event will allow you to use your preferred conferencing application to accessibly convey information to all participants.
Best of all, this is all accomplished without having to install any additional software on any participant's machine prior to the event. In addition, at the conclusion of the meeting, no additional software will be present on the PC or Mobile device used to participate in the event. That's right, zero footprint.
Everyone knows well the cost savings associated with using web conferencing over traditional face to face meetings, and Accessible Event is now poised to bring these savings to the vision-impaired and deaf-blind community at large.
Accessible Event is competitively priced and can be purchased per event, monthly, annually, or in an Enterprise Server Configuration. For more information, please email or call 1-866-202-0520 and begin to experience the robust, intuitive, and now accessible world of web conferencing brought to you by Accessible Event.
I have very occasional, very brief needs for braille translation. No money is involved, but other compensation might be, so if you own Duxbury and might be able to assist, drop me a note.

1) Main Menu this week features three parts: a demonstration of the Magic Jack Internet phone service, an interview about Serotek's Accessible Event, and an interview about the forthcoming Orator screen reader for Blackberries. Main Menu airs at 01:00 GMT both Saturday and Wednesday, and programs are speedily archived for streaming or downloading if you miss the live airing. In the archive is a two-part series on using Facebook.

2) Html-Kit is a small but powerful program for creating web pages and text files, with lots of plug-ins and support for lots of programming languages. It is now said to be accessible. You can download the program here
And JAWS scripts here:

3) This week's Innovations features an interview with Quantum Technologies of Australia, demonstration of the JAWS Tandem feature discussion of some kitchen gadgets from the RNIB store, disbcussion about braille displays in Linux, and talker about Qwitter, an open-source accessible Twitter client. Of course, you've already missed the first broadcast, but a few repeats are left, and you will be able to download the broadcast.

4) A free webinar from Freedom Scientific, Using the Keyboard with T&T Technology: J-Tools and J-Tunes, will take place on 20 August at 19:00 GMT.

5) Tek Talk on GMT 11 August will feature a discussion of the Talking Touch Tablet.

6) You can learn about the earlier days of assistive technology by visiting the Assistive Technology Oral History Project website at

7) This Fred's Head post is called Outlook Blocks My Attachments, What Can I Do?

8) This one discusses a shareware screen magnifier which is regularly updated and is said to work better than similar products: Magnifying Glass Pro

9) This post discusses two sources of educational videos: Educational Videos at Teachertube

10) We also learn from Fred's Head about various podcasts from Scientific American.

11) Listen to SeroTalk Podcast 20 – $69 iPhone GPS Solution, TechShare 2009 and Ten Accessible Radio Apps for the ipHone

12) Listen to SeroTalk Tech Chat 27 on iTunes for Windows

13) OBI is a fully-accessible audio recording tool designed to produce audio DAISY books and to save money and time for production.

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