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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 221
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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This Issue's Featured Advertisement:
Accessible Event: Your Source for Online Collaboration
Accessible Event Logo Traditionally, web conferencing programs have been inaccessible to the vision-impaired and deaf-blind communities. Until now.
Introducing Accessible Event. Accessible Event bundles state-of-the-art, mainstream, web conferencing technology with adaptive technology "know-how" to give vision-impaired and deaf-blind consumers the ability to attend and participate in online, web-based, collaborative presentations using their preferred desktop or mobile screenreader and/or optional Refreshable Braille display. Accessible Event requires only an internet connection and Adobe Flash Player to function.
Use Accessible Event as either a standalone web conferencing application or in conjunction with WebEx, GoToMeeting, Connect, or LiveMeeting to seamlessly and efficiently interact with sighted classmates and/or colleagues from any location. No matter what your circumstances, Accessible Event will allow you to use your preferred conferencing application to accessibly convey information to all participants.
Best of all, this is all accomplished without having to install any additional software on any participant's machine prior to the event. In addition, at the conclusion of the meeting, no additional software will be present on the PC or Mobile device used to participate in the event. That's right, zero footprint.
Everyone knows well the cost savings associated with using web conferencing over traditional face to face meetings, and Accessible Event is now poised to bring these savings to the vision-impaired and deaf-blind community at large.
Accessible Event is competitively priced and can be purchased per event, monthly, annually, or in an Enterprise Server Configuration. For more information, please email, call toll free within the Continental US at 1-866-202-0520, or call 1-612-246-4818 internationally and begin to experience the robust, intuitive, and now accessible world of web conferencing brought to you by Accessible Event.
1) Many of us were informed and entertained by a cassette magazine called Playback, produced for 28 years by Ed Potter until 2007. The magazine contained news and features concerning audio, high fidelity and technology. Some 380 hours of recordings were produced, with features by lots of colorful and some now-deceased listeners. With Ed's blessing, you can download any or all of it for free, and cd's will be available for sale. The web site is here:
and for those who prefer, an ftp site is here:

2) Freedom Scientific announces that its DAISY player, FSReader, is now fre for Pac Mate owners, and will also be a free add-on to coming versions of JAWS and MAGic.

3) AIR, the Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles, has some 70 podcasts on a variety of topics, including many readings from paeriodicals, and podcasts for parents of blind children, podcasts for blind youth and those concerning technology.

4) Playing NLS Digital Talking Books on the BookSense is a recent article added to the Knowledge Base at Gw Micro.

5) Another one is Navigating In The BookSense

6) Tek Talk features a Discussion with Chris Gray, president of Bay Area digital, discussing their products and their distributorship of products from Royal National Institute for Blind Persons, on GMT Tuesday, 18 August at 00:00.

7) This Fred's Head posting entitled Mozekty: The Talking Internet Radio Database concerns a comprehensive database of radio stations broadcasting online, and the developer has made the program accessible.>

8) This one discusses Google Voice:

9) Finding, Researching and Downloading Books, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias on the Net is a Fred's Head posting with multiple resource listings.

10) And here's one entitled Accessible TV Listings

11) EASI has two free webinars concerning different web accessibility tools. You will be able to register for them soon. On 15 September, the topic will be the Firefox Accessibility Extension, and on 22 September, WAVE from Webaim.

12) This week's Innovations broadcast features an interview with an organizer of the Driving for the Blind project at Virginia Tech, a discussion about a radio station database, w way for multiple people in different places in the world to conduct a high-quality stereo Internet broadcast, and a surprise announcement.

13) Ai Squared announces the release of ZoomText Express, a $49.95 download for the US edition, ^69.95 for the international edition, which magnifies any area of the screen up to 2x for those needing some magnification to reduce eye strain or give a slight size increase.

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