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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 223
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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Introducing Remote Incident Manager (RIM)
Serotek Logo Serotek continues to set standards for removing the barriers that todayís technological obstacles present to vision impaired users. Remote Incident Manager, or RIM, is an enterprise solution for vision impaired or sighted technicians, adaptive technology trainers, or instructors of mainstream technologies that allow the service provider to take complete control of any computer, regardless of its location!
Using a network or the Internet, RIM puts the service provider within the userís current Windows session, enabling them to interact with the very same applications and documents as the user, simultaneously, and free from any accessibility concerns. The service provider may check or tweak the userís system or screen reader settings, or make any appropriate adjustments to optimize the userís PC experience. Computer instructors may exchange text as well as files with their students via the Windows Clipboard, thereby lowering the learning curve often associated with todayís cutting-edge software solutions.
Technical or training issues may now be resolved in real-time, interactively, and at a fraction of the cost associated with onsite technical support and training. Let RIM trim your organization's support costs, and provide your clients with the service they deserve, interactively, and in real time.
Pricing and additional information may be obtained by contacting Serotek at, or by calling toll free within the Continental US at 1 (866) 202-0520, or internationally at 1 (612) 246-4818. Allow Remote Incident Manager to exponentially enhance your organization by strengthening existing relationships and allowing you to forge new ones! Find out more about RIM today!
1) HumanWare is holding a webinar on how students can prepare for the upcoming school year. You'll likely be too late for the event, taking place on 27 August at 19:00 GMT, but you can get the included textbook for it.

2) Recently on The Global Voice, on the program called Attitude Test, they held a discussion of why people prefer JAWS or Window-Eyes. You can download the file, which may not remain available for long, here:

3) Talks for Symbian Third Edition phones is now up to version 4.1, which allows you to select from installed voices with a keystroke.

4) Serotek Tech Chat 29 deals with podcasting. If you are on their SAMNet (you can get a free month to try it,) and send them your favorite podcast, you can win a free month of access.

5) J-Tools 2.0 is now out. This package adds functionality to JAWS for use on the web, in Microsoft Outlook, and this release allows you to dictate text into, and train, Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred or Professional.

6) the topic for Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 1 September will be the forthcoming Orator screen reader for the newest Blackberry phones.

7) the Mac-cessibility network has launched a petition urging Adobe Systems to make Flash and other content accessible to Mac users.

8) this Fred's Head post is called What is Virtual Memory

9) Fred's Head also leads us to two useful free programs for finding serial numbers for all the software on the computer. LicenseCrawler will find all serial numbers, including your windows serial number, though you'll have to write them down since there is no copy feature.
the Magical Jelly Bean lets you find Microsoft product serial numbers.
Finally, let's not forget the free Belarc Advisor, which gives serial number information and a lot more about your computer.

10) EASI is reviving its podcast series, making changes and adding new content.

11) EASI will be holding four webinars on Social Media and Accessibility, presumably discussing Facebook, Twitter, and other related topics. Jennison Asuncion is looking for suggestions and volunteers for this series, which will run in October and November. Please e-mail him at

12) Rigel Technology offers a computer maintenance service, which can be done remotely, ordinarily for $125, but until US Labor Day, 7 September, you can have your computer checked out and tuned up for $95. Call 888-723-5011, ext. 1. They offer a growing list of $75 tutorials, recordings of their 1.5 hour online training sessions. Call Ext. 3 at the same phone number for information or to order.

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