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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 226
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

This Issue's Featured Advertisement:
ABISee's Integrated Plug and Play Solo Autoreader Tool Brings Sound to Your CCTV, Dramatically Extending its Capabilities
Photo of a full rig in action. Give your CCTV a voice and the ability to read to you aloud.

The Solo Autoreader Add-On from ABISee brings sound to your CCTV, dramatically extending its capabilities and offering you the very best of both worlds. ABISee's Solo Autoreader Add-On will empower you to do so much more with your CCTV.

Imagine, you put a page on Solo to initiate reading aloud. Then use your CCTV as you always have to view magnified text or images. Or turn the switch and use your CCTV screen to view the magnified and wrapped text provided by Solo. The choice is yours because Solo easily integrates with the familiar, comfortable control of your CCTV. And you can even pause its reading with a wave of your hand.

The ABISee Solo Enhances Any CCTV:

Seeing and hearing is believing. For more information, contact ABISee, Inc. at 1 (800) 681-5905,, or visit us on the web at


1) Version 1.1 of the accessible DAISY recording tool OBI has been released,

2) The complete manual for version 3.1 of the iPhone, including the accessibility section, is here:

3) The GMT Tuesday 22 September edition of Tek Talk will feature a discussion of version 6.0 of the Sendero GPS products.

4) There is now a Lite version of Facebook with a less complicated interface; some may prefer using it.

5) A new edition of the Blind World podcast discusses the latest developments in Apple accessibility.

6) Kathy Ann Murtha removed her textbooks related to Office 2003, but some people still want them, so you can get them at lower prices, all three for $100 or individually for $36, if you buy by 19 September, after which they're really gone for good:

7) This week's Innovations features information about the Hamilton Beach Grill, making President Obama's health care document accessible, a product called Blue Hook which gives visual and hearing access to some mobile phone features, more about using audio, and the first of a three-part interview with Eric Damery about JAWS 11. In addition to its usual availability on the station's weekly schedule and then in the archives, you can hear this on GMT Sunday at 23:00 here:
The main station link is

8) GW Micro now offers telephone training to its users. Four courses are available, each of which consists of two one-hour setments. Each segment costs $99, or the whole two-hour course costs $168. The trainer calls you and some flexibility of schedule is possible. For information, e-mail

9) In August, Freedom Scientific made an announcement entitled Freedom Scientific Announces Secure and Compatible Braille Display Initiative
Gw Micro has some comments on its blog:

10) The historic archive of Playback Magazine we mentioned a few weeks ago is also available at
In addition to its main site of
You can buy the Playback and Playback Underground archives on cd at

11) Thanks to Gizmo, we learn that you can download or search a 330-page book entitled How to create Web sites and applications with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL for free (they accept donations.

12) From the same source: a growing number of documentaries in 35 categories can be had here:

13) EASI has free upcoming webinars on three tools for checking accessibility of web pages.

14) Amidst the flurry of innovations from Apple, they also came out with iTunes version 9, parts of which work better than earlier versions in Windows, but access to the iTunes store goes in reverse. Serotek claims that System Access now supports it, where other Windows screen readers do not. SeroTalk Podcast 23 discusses this, as well as Accessible Apple iPod touch, Nano 5G, iPhone 3.1

For questions and comments regarding Tidbits, please e-mail Dean Martineau at Dean Martineau provides adaptive technology training by phone, online, and in person, with flexible arrangements, and at affordable prices.

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