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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 228
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) The Lighthouse in San Francisco is running an on-line promotion during the month of October. You can pick up a Braille copy of the iPhone 3G manual for free when you complete an on-line purchase at the following website.

2) An upgrade will come sometime soon for the Victor Reader Stream. In the meantime, its product manager will be the guest on Tek Talk for GMT Tuesday, 6 October at 00:00 to discuss all the questions you still have regarding this digital player/recorder.

3) has begun a survey of the 25 most popular web sites for the blind and visually-impaired.

4) They also have a Skype Calculator, which helps you figure out which, if any, of the packages offered by this popular phone service are right for you based on your usage.

5) The specialized GPS makers Sendero Group have a podcast feed. their latest podcast is a recording of the Tek Talk discussion about their version 6.1 release.

6) The Royal Society, in the UK, has a large and diverse collection of podcasts on various science topics.

7) Donna Jodhan has begun submitting writing to the Fred's Head site. She writes for several blogs, and one that provides a variety of interesting information, some of which relates directly to accessibility, comes from Sterling Creations.

8) A new product from the RNIB in England has received positive reviews. It is the PenFriend, which allows users to record audio labels of any length onto adhesive tags which can be placed on a variety of objects. The product is easy to use and flexible, and more affordable than similar products have been.

9) The RNIB distributor in North America, Bay Area Digital, normally offers PenFriend for $125, but until 8 October, will offer it for $115. E-mail them for information at

10) this product is one item on Serotalk Podcast 24, along with an interview with some professional musicians, an audio-driven bluetooth headset, and HD radio from Australia.

11) SeroTalk Tech chat 34 concerns Creating Relationships and Friendships

12) SeroTalk Tech Chat 33 concerns Buying Food Online, and the page contains lots of resources

13) Touch screens are coming to Nokia phones, and Code Factory will be supporting them in Mobile Speak, according to this podcast from the recent TechShare conference:

14) Back to They are now broadcasting to the world using Twitter, and anybody following them on Twitter by 20 October can potentially win a Moshi voice-powered alarm clock.

15) FSCast, the official monthly Freedom Scientific podcast, is out for September. It provides more news about upcoming JFW version 11, including detailing suggestions implemented as a result of user feedback to the first public betas. It also features a discussion of driver signing for braille displays and an interview with the manager of tech support.

16) thanks to Gizmo, we discover Scott Hanselman's multi-category, extensive 2009 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for Windows

17) A few more from the same source: the Tweaking and performance guide for XP and Vista, actually separate documents, are large, free, accessible pdf documents. You can buy the deluxe version of either for $4.50, which apparently allows you to copy links from the pdf for pasting elsewhere.

18) This post lists many sources for downloadable Free Cooking, Food & Wine Books Online. Many links here; hopefully some lead to accessible content.

19) Here is the Gizmo team's recommendations for best free online backup sites.

20) Here is their latest evaluation to determine The Best Free CD / DVD Burner. Initial assessment suggests that the highest-ranking program for general users, BurnAware Free, may be accessible.>

21) The people at Utah State University's WebAIM project are conducting another survey of screen reader users, which they hope will influence development policy. They invite participation from anybody who uses a screen reader, no matter how minimally.

22) the latest version of Window-Eyes, version 7.11, features lots of bug fixes. </Window-Eyes/Latest_Features

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