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Top Tech Tidbits - Volume 287
The Week's News in Access Technology

Distributed by Flying Blind, LLC

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1) Staying Connected: Technology Options for Older Adults is a pdf brochure that seeks to explain Skype, Facebook, Twitter and other modern technology to the senior population.

2) In the December, 2010 issue of AccessWorld, the focus is independent travel, with various reviews for GPS programs, We also learn about the Olympus DM-r recorder and about Microsoft's admitted failure to provide any hint of accessibility to Windows Phone 7.

3) NFB Newsline has added a job search feature, only accessible by phone, which lets users search a nationwide job classified database.

4) In Serotalk Tech Chat 81: Scott White and Stephen Tompkins Share 4 New Services from NFB Newsline, including the job search function.

5) This Gizmo article is entitled How to Prepare for Boot or System Problems by Creating a Windows 7 Repair Disk

6) Gw Micro has begun offering custom scripting, so individuals or companies can get their programs customized to best work with Window-Eyes.

7) Version 5 of J-Tunes, the package that helps JAWS version 11 or 12 users get the most out of iTunes, has been released.

8) Memberships to All inPlay are available for slightly more than half price until December 31.

9) Apps recently reviewed on the AppleVis site for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod include GoReader (RSS Reader with Google Reader™ full support), RF, weather alert usa, Slide Reader Broadsheet Edition, Accessible Minesweeper, Notesy for Dropbox, Da Vinci Sleep Clock, HowStuffWorks, Air Alarm, Movies Trivia, Warranty Checker, Tooth Camp, Decades Internet Radio US, X3 World Radio, Amazon Mobile UK, PC Monitor, Find My iPhone, and Talkatone - the social phone and IM for GTalk (gmail chat) and VoIP Google Voice

10) Free EASI webinars in January include Sing Along with Microsoft OneNote - An Accessible Digital Notebook! Jan. 10 a two-part webinar on Flash: Part 1: Flash: what is it, Jan. 11, Part 2 Flash: Making it Accessible, Jan. 18, a two-part webinar on Android accessibility: Part 1 Update on the evolution of Android Smart Devices and Accessibility, January 20, Part 2: Overview of Two, Major, Android Projects Focused on the accessibility of "Near Field Communications (NFC)-Enabled Android Smart Device" NFC Control, January 27. All sessions start at 19:00 GMT. Fee-based webinars on PDF accessibility are also available.

11) The Carroll Center offers a new $100 course entitled Choosing an Accessible Cell Phone. Account creation or logon is required to see the information.

12) An accessibility review of Klango version 3.5.1 has been added to the AccessWatch database.

13) Updates to the Window-Eyes script for Microsoft Word, allowing reading of footnotes and endnotes, and the script for TeamTalk, are not posted.

14) Vinux 3.1, an accessible Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 10.1, is now available.

15) The government of Australia has found problems with pdf accessibility. Here is a text version of their findings:

16) Executive Products has designing a case for the Braille Connect 32 and 40 displays.

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