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Top Tech Tidbits Introduces 'Most Clicked Tidbit' Weekly Contest

Released: 7/22/2021

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How well do you know adaptive technology?

Do you think that you could consistently identify adaptive technology trends if given the opportunity?

Well here's your chance. Beginning with Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, July 22, 2021 - Volume 816 you can now cast your vote each week for the one Tidbit that you believe will receive the most clicks.

The contest includes actual Tidbits only, so news items from other sections such as "Press Releases and Other News", "Featured Podcast Episodes" and "Featured Webinars and Training Courses" will not be included.

The premise is simple. Cast your vote each week at: for the one Tidbit that you believe will receive the most clicks within each issue.

Get it right more than anyone else each week and you win a $250.00 USD cash prize at the end of the year (December 31st 2021). In addition, there may be opportunities for winners to join our editorial team. Anyone may participate, with the exception of our Publisher, Aaron Di Blasi, whose duty is to confirm our metrics each week. Therefore, current members of the Tidbits Editorial Team are also welcome to play, as they too have no idea which Tidbits readers will choose to come out on top each week.

Each weekly vote will consist of only 4 questions. Your First Name (#1), your Last name (#2), what permission you give us to use your name, if any (#3), and the number of the Tidbit that you believe will come out on top this week in clicks (#4). While you are required to provide your real name in order to participate, and to claim your cash prize should you win at the end of the year, we will not use it unless you give us permission to do so.

Each week the votes from the previous week will be tallied against the most clicked Tidbit provided by our metrics and the winners will be posted on the Top Tech Tidbits website within a section titled the Most Clicked Tidbit Contest Hall of Fame.

The reader with the most correct weekly votes at the end of the year will win the $250.00 USD cash prize and be named our First Annual "Top Tech Tidbits Trendsetter". If there is enough interest, and support, we will continue the contest in 2022.

So what do you say? Cast your vote today at: This link will not change, but will instead update with a new survey each week when a new issue of Tidbits is released.

From all of us here at Tidbits, we wish you the very best of luck!

Aaron Di Blasi, PMP
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