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JAWS with Microsoft Teams Tip: Sending and Receiving Chats with JAWS

Released: 2/21/2021

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JAWS for Windows with Microsoft Teams Tips.

Using the Chat feature of Microsoft Teams is one of the easiest features built into Teams.

Sending a Chat:

➜ Press CTRL+N from anywhere to start chatting

➜ Type in the name of the person and Teams will start filtering

➜ Press ENTER on the name of the person and JAWS will tell you to either press ENTER to start the chat or type another name

➜ Once you have added the people you want in the chat you will hear JAWS say "Type a new message, editing edit"

➜ You can now press INSERT+T to read the title and check the status of the person you are sending the chat to

— This is a feature in the JAWS and Fusion 2021 February release

— You can only check the availability of a single person with INSERT+T

➜ Type in your message and press ENTER

➜ Your focus will return to the edit field

➜ Press SHIFT+TAB to review the messages in the chat

➜ From the edit field you can press TAB to see other options like adding attachments, formatting the chat, etc.

➜ From in the chat you can SHIFT+TAB to call the person or group, pop out the chat to a separate window, view files in the chat, etc.

Note: Both Teams and JAWS have additional keystrokes from within the chat application. Examples are: CTRL+SHIFT+C to call the chat participants, INSERT+F8 for a list of buttons, ALT+2 for a list of files, etc. Use INSERT+H for JAWS hotkeys and CTRL+. (period) for Teams keystrokes. You will need to toggle on the Virtual Cursor with INSERT+Z when viewing Teams keystrokes.

The Power of JAWS!

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