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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology. Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.





Top Tech Tidbits Publisher Updates
for July 21st 2022

Released: 7/21/2022

Author: Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher, Top Tech Tidbits

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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology. Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.

Updates below for all members of the Tidbits community. These are general updates for the week of July 21st 2022.

1.) Top Tech Tidbits Buy, Sell or Trade Classified Advertisements Now Available to Tidbits Readers Anywhere in the World

Last week a reader from Canada wrote in to let us know that he could not purchase a Top Tech Tidbits Buy, Sell or Trade Classified Advertisement for just $5 USD because he lived in Canada, and there was no way on the form for him to select any country other than the United States. While this was not intentional, we did not realize this was the case until we received this feedback. I am very happy to report that this issue has been corrected as of this communication. Selecting your Country from the drop down menu on the form will now dynamically serve up the proper address format for your specific country. Sincerest thanks to this reader for bringing this to our attention.

2.) How Do I Get My Email Newsletter Featured In Top Tech Tidbits?

If you distribute an email newsletter that provides technology tips to the blind, deaf, deafblind or disabled you can have your email newsletter considered for a feature in Top Tech Tidbits by simply submitting your most recent issue as a Tidbit using this short form. The most important feature that your newsletter must have in order to take advantage of this exposure is a link to an online version. Without one we cannot post your newsletter, even if 2 out of 3 Tidbits editors approve it.

3.) I Submit Adaptive Technology-Related Sales Information All The Time But None Of Them Ever Get Published. Why Is That?

We do not post this information from content contributors because sales information such as buy one get one free offers, limited time discounts, and other promotional offers are the sole purview of our Sponsors. In short the primary focus of Top Tech Tidbits is to educate and inform. These are the primary reasons that readers sign up to receive Top Tech Tidbits. So these two areas will always be the focus of the publication. And anywhere where the publication does aim to sell readers (such as Sponsor Classified Advertisements) we want to make sure that those sales are of the utmost quality and always delivered from trusted industry sources. And this is why we will continue to reserve all sales related information for Sponsors and the distribution of the publication itself.

4.) Premium Subscriber Updates

On July 4th 2022 Premium Subscribers received their very first quarterly issue, "Top Tech Tidbits 60 Most Clicked Tidbits for April, May and June 2022 - Volume 1". The next quarterly issue of the 60 Most Clicked Tidbits of the Last 3 Months will be released on Monday, September 3rd 2022. Premium Subscribers are entitled to all back issues regardless of when they sign up. All you have to do is request them after you've signed up by sending an email to our Publisher at publisher@toptechtidbits.com. And finally, for those of you that have as much trouble getting PayPal to let you pay with a credit card as we do, we have added an additional payment option for Premium Subscribers that does not involve PayPal in any way. This new payment option utilizes Square to securely store your payment information until you cancel. Which you can still do at any time. The Premium Subscriber Benefits section of the Top Tech Tidbits website has been updated with this information as of this communication.

5.) Don't Forget. Anyone Can Submit A Tidbit.

Just a reminder that if you come across a timely piece of adaptive technology information that you'd like to share with Tidbits readers you can submit it by filling out this quick 5 step form. This form can also be found in the main menu of the Top Tech Tidbits website under "Tidbit Submission Form."

Thanks so much for reading, we look forward to keeping you informed.

Aaron Di Blasi, PMP (2006 - Present)
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The Week's News in Access Technology
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