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Dolphin SuperNova Power Tip: Adding A Permanent Place Marker To A Web Page

Released: 7/28/2022

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Dolphin SuperNova Tips.

You can easily navigate through web pages using the Dolphin Cursor Quick Navigation Keys (QNKs), but some web sites can be very busy, with lots of headings and landmarks that make it time-consuming to move the Dolphin cursor to the point on the web page that you want to reach.

If you are finding it time-consuming to move the Dolphin cursor to the place on a web page you want to reach, and you plan to regularly revisit the web page, then the creation of a permanent place marker will provide you with the means to quickly navigate the web page in the future.

To set a permanent marker at the Dolphin Cursor position on a web page:


• In the "Add Place Marker" dialog box that appears, give the marker a name and choose the scope for the marker. This can be just the current URL or expanded to include the entire website domain.

You can set as many permanent place markers as you require.

Once marked, you can return to the position on the web page by pressing the letter A, or SHIFT + A if the marker is above the current Dolphin cursor position on the web page.

You can learn more about permanent place markers and find out how to set temporary place markers by visiting the tutorial pages on the Dolphin website.

This Tip Brought To You By: Dolphin Computer Access

Learn more about SuperNova on the Dolphin Website, register for free webinars or subscribe to the SuperNova Everyday Essentials YouTube Playlist.

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