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Dolphin SuperNova Power Tip: Moving Focus Between Monitors With Supernova

Released: 8/25/2022

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Dolphin SuperNova Tips.

With a multiple monitor setup, you can slide your mouse pointer off the edge of one screen and onto another.

This enables you to quickly and easily switch focus from one screen to another, allowing you to continue your work with the least amount of effort.

However, when you are using magnification, you may sometimes accidentally slip onto your adjacent screen when you were simply trying to pan around your current screen. You just simply got to close to the edge.

If this sounds familiar, then you can resolve this issue by adjusting your SuperNova "Mouse Buffer" resistance level.

An increase in the resistance level means you must press the mouse pointer against the edge of the screen for a longer duration before the pointer will slide across to the next screen.

To adjust the resistance level:

1.Open the SuperNova Control Panel.

2.Open the "Visual" menu and choose "Multiple Monitors" (ALT + V, U).

3.Adjust the "Mouse buffer" resistance slider.

4.Choose the "OK" button.

New in version 21.03, you can further enhance your mouse pointer tracking by setting SuperNova to play a sound when the mouse pointer moves from one monitor to another. This option is also available in the "Multiple Monitors" dialog box.

This Tip Brought To You By: Dolphin Computer Access

Learn more about SuperNova on the Dolphin Website, register for free webinars or subscribe to the SuperNova Everyday Essentials YouTube Playlist.

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