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Dolphin SuperNova Power Tip: How To Start SuperNova With The Same Setup Every Time

Released: 9/15/2022

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Dolphin SuperNova Tips.

SuperNova automatically saves the changes you make to its magnification, speech, and braille settings as you make the changes.

This ensures SuperNova loads the next time with all your changes in place.

You can turn off the automatic saving of changes to SuperNova settings through the "Startup Preferences" dialog box.

Originally designed to support public forums such as libraries and resource centers, where one computer can have different users at different times with different accessibility needs, the necessity to be able to start SuperNova with a default setup rather than the setup used by the previous user became an obvious requirement.

And, for some home users, the confidence to know that SuperNova will start with their preferred settings as opposed to the last configuration can also prove to be advantageous.

To do this:

1. Open the SuperNova Control Panel.

2. Open the "General" menu and select "Startup Preferences" (ALT + G, S).

3. Deselect the "Always save user settings" check box.

4. Select the "Ask user" check box if you would like to be asked to save your settings when quitting SuperNova.

5. Choose the "OK" button.

Tip: When the "Always save user settings" check box is deselected, you can manually save your setting changes by selecting "Save settings" from the "File" menu of the SuperNova Control Panel.

This Tip Brought To You By: Dolphin Computer Access

Learn more about SuperNova on the Dolphin Website, register for free webinars or subscribe to the SuperNova Everyday Essentials YouTube Playlist.

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