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Dolphin SuperNova Power Tip: How To Use SuperNova's Connect & View to Customize Your View of an Interactive Whiteboard

Released: 10/13/2022

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Dolphin SuperNova Tips.

Both Whiteboard Wizard and Connect and View use Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to let you connect to another computer and magnify and track what appears on that screen, on your own computer screen.

To do this:

1. Install the Whiteboard Wizard.

2. Select the Visual Tab.

3. Open Connect & View.

4. Select Whiteboard, then New.

5. In the Settings dialogue box, select the presenter's device (or the Whiteboard Name).

6. Name the Profile and complete the remaining fields.

7. Select OK.

8. Customize your view of the whiteboard with-magnification size, color schemes, speech and more.

9. Lock pages to capture images for review, captured images can be converted to digital text later.

This Tip Brought To You By: Dolphin Computer Access

Learn more about SuperNova on the Dolphin Website, register for free webinars or subscribe to the SuperNova Everyday Essentials YouTube Playlist.

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