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Reader Review: azzCardfile Personal Information Manager (PIM)

Released: 11/1/2022

Author: Michael Micallef, DIP IT, Top Tech Tidbits Reader

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Reader review. Fingers read and navigate via a desktop braille display on top of which sits a full QWERTY keyboard.

Dear Tidbits Readers,

I started using the computer way back in 1990, where at that time most of the computers were still DOS based computers. Then obviously the progress continued and I moved to the Windows environment.

Nowadays I'm using Windows 11 on an Intel i7 11th Generation Processor.

But one of the applications that I always loved during these past 15 to 20 years is the azzCardfile Personal Information Manager (PIM) database. PIM means 'Personal Information Manager'. Basically its a simple freeform database that can be used for many things / ideas, for example I have a personal telephone directory, I also have a database file with a lot of tips and tricks that I learned during my life about computers and if you like you can use it as a picture album because it supports the insertion of pictures directly into the cards.

The azzCardfile Personal Information Manager (PIM) is fully compatible with both NVDA2022 and JAWS 2022 versions.

A Particular Note for JAWS Screen Reader Users

I discovered that if a particular monitor supports very high resolution such as 1920 x 1080, JAWS 2021 cannot read the card titles properly, so I had to lower my screen resolution to the next level which is: 1680 x1050. In this latter setting JAWS 2021 was able to read the card titles properly.

Currently the latest azzCardfile Personal Information Manager (PIM) is V 5.0 Beta 12, but the latest beta is good enough for production and most probably will be the latest beta before the official launch later on this year.

Antanas, the azzCardfile author, is very responsive and he certainly appreciates everyone's comments to improve the application.

Please note that azzCardfile is shareware but if you download the latest V5 Beta 12 you can try it and use it for free until the official version is launched.

You can download the azzCardfile Personal Information Manager (PIM) database at: http://www.azzcardfile.net/beta/.

Also there is an azzCardfile version for Android users and you can synchronize the records between your desktop and your mobile. I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself how good it is.

This Review Brought To You By: Michael Micallef, DIP IT

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