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10 Amazing Prompts That Demonstrate The Capabilities of ChatGPT to Improve The Lives of People With Disabilities

Released: 5/22/2023

Author: Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher, Top Tech Tidbits

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ChatGPT logo shows on a phone in landscape mode. The silhouette of two hands hold the phone against a bright, colorful background.

Here are 10 innovative prompts aimed at demonstrating the capabilities of ChatGPT to improve the lives of people with various disabilities.

Copy and paste any of the prompts below into ChatGPT:

1.) "ChatGPT, can you create a step-by-step guide to using voice-to-text technology for a blind person who's never used it before?"

2.) "ChatGPT, I'm an app developer working on a project to assist deaf users. Could you suggest some key features and strategies to incorporate AI to enhance the communication capabilities of my application?"

3.) "ChatGPT, can you list and describe different types of assistive technologies that would be beneficial for a person with limited mobility? Additionally, explain how they can be incorporated into daily life."

4.) "ChatGPT, I am blind and will be traveling alone for the first time. Can you provide a detailed guide to navigating airports, hotels, and public transportation using available technology and resources?"

5.) "ChatGPT, I'm deaf and I often struggle to understand what's happening in movies due to the lack of proper subtitles. Can you explain how I can use an AI-based real-time transcription service to enhance my viewing experience?"

6.) "ChatGPT, as someone with a motor disability, it can be difficult for me to use a computer. Can you propose a list of speech recognition commands and shortcuts I could use to navigate my computer more efficiently?"

7.) "ChatGPT, I'm a teacher with deaf students in my class. Could you assist me in creating an inclusive lesson plan which leverages technology to facilitate effective communication and learning for all students?"

8.) "ChatGPT, my elderly father is losing his sight and loves to read. Could you recommend some AI-based tools and applications that can help him continue his passion for reading?"

9.) "ChatGPT, I have a motor disability and need to redesign my home to be more accessible. Can you provide a list of smart home technologies that I can incorporate into different rooms to make daily tasks easier?"

10.) "ChatGPT, I am working on a project to develop a tactile graphic display for visually impaired users. Can you provide a conceptual description of how such a device could work, along with potential use cases?"

These prompts are intended to demonstrate how ChatGPT can be a valuable resource for the blind, deaf, and people with mobility issues by offering practical advice, creative problem-solving, and insightful recommendations.


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