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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology. Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.





Top Tech Tidbits Announces Expanded Sponsorship Opportunities And Additions To Sponsorship Package Benefits

Released: 7/20/2023

Author: Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher, Top Tech Tidbits

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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology. Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.

Greetings everyone. I am very excited to report that the Top Tech Tidbits publication continues to grow at a record clip.

And not just in readership, which is consistently up, week over week, but also in partnerships, friendships, authority and reach.

Top Tech Tidbits has been able to achieve and sustain this growth simply by helping people when and where they need it most.

Be it a reader who is looking for the best first-time on-boarding services for the newly blind, or an access company that is looking to reach more people with its products or services, we have been busy listening to you in order to learn how we can better tune the publication to serve your ongoing needs.

The changes described herein represent the next iteration in this continued mission.

First, some quick background.

What does a Top Tech Tidbits Sponsor currently get in return for their ongoing support?

#1.) The exclusive ability to sell / promote to over 17,000 access technology subscribers each week.

#2.) One Featured Advertisement per quarter.

#3.) One Classified Advertisement per weekly issue.

#4.) Sponsor Profile listed on the Top Tech Tidbits website for the duration of Sponsorship.

#5.) Sponsor Profile listed within the Top Tech Tidbits weekly newsletter for the duration of Sponsorship.

#6.) Top Tech Tidbits Podcast Advertising. Two Sponsored Podcasts per year.

#7.) 50% discount on all Sponsored Tidbits.

#8.) All Premium Subscriber benefits.

#9.) Permanent SEO benefits. Profile listed within the Top Tech Tidbits Sponsors Archive at the close of Sponsorship.

#10.) Community appreciation and recognition for supporting the world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology.

Those are the Top 10, in what we believe is the order of priority for most Sponsors.

As you can see, Sponsor Benefits have doubled from just 5 in June of 2020, to 10 and growing today, with no increase in cost. Something that we are all incredibly proud of.

And there will be no increase in cost today, either. Nor in the future, if we can help it.

We think the price is just right for sponsorship. Just enough for us to keep the publication growing while still giving Sponsors absolutely amazing benefits that they cannot get anywhere else at an absolutely amazing price.

We just needed to figure out a way to help more Sponsors at a time, as many potential sponsors have complained about being on the waiting list for such a long period of time. Something we completely understand, and sincerely apologize for. This was something that we could not do anything about previously due to the limited number of Featured Advertisement dates available within a calendar year.

But data from the past two years shows that most Sponsors do not utilize their Featured Advertisements. Likely because they require advance scheduling, which can be a real barrier to Sponsors without a dedicated marketing department.

Data shows that Sponsors prefer to utilize their weekly Classified Advertisement spot to promote anything they are currently working on, such as a current sale or upcoming event, while using a Sponsored Tidbit anytime they wish to make a major announcement.

Therefore, we have decided to make the following changes, based on that data.

Effective immediately, the following changes now apply to all current and future Top Tech Tidbits Sponsorship Package Benefits:

#1.) The maximum number of Top Tech Tidbits Sponsors has been increased from 18 to 24.

#2.) Click-To-Vote Quick Polls have been removed as a Sponsorship Package benefit. With only 5 polls published in the last 2 years we did not feel that Sponsors found value in this benefit. We have therefore removed it, in order to make room for additional benefits that do add value.

#3.) Sponsors will now have the option to trade One (1) Featured Advertisement for Three (3) Free Sponsored Tidbits.

Featured Advertisements Versus Sponsored Tidbits: Similarities

#1.) Both Featured Advertisements and Sponsored Tidbits appear at the very top of the publication.

Featured Advertisements Versus Sponsored Tidbits: Differences

#1.) A Featured Advertisement includes an image.

#2.) A Sponsored Tidbit does not include an image.

#3.) A Featured Advertisement must be scheduled in advance.

#4.) A Sponsored Tidbit may be submitted for publication in any issue up to 10 hours prior to publication without scheduling by filling out this short form.

#5.) You can run one Featured Advertisement every 3 months.

#6.) You can run one Sponsored Tidbit every week.

This now gives Sponsors the opportunity to choose one top-of-publication advertisement spot each month, without scheduling, in place of one top-of-publication advertisement spot every 3 months, with scheduling.

This small change will provide all current and future Sponsors with a huge boost in both advertising value and convenience.

So if you are a Sponsor with outstanding Featured Advertisement dates that you have not yet scheduled, consider turning them into Sponsored Tidbits today to begin enjoying the ease and convenience of no longer having to schedule your advertisements in advance.

Just send a quick note to: publisher@toptechtidbits.com 📧️ and I will send you a single coupon code that you can use to get all 3 of your Sponsored Tidbits for free.

You can then submit them anytime you like, without scheduling, prior to your next sponsorship renewal.

There is no limit to the number of Featured Advertisements that you can convert into Sponsored Tidbits.

We think that Sponsors will really appreciate this new ability to reach readers when they need to, without advance scheduling, and we look forward to helping even more businesses and organizations to find and connect with the access technology community when they need to.


Aaron Di Blasi, PMP

Publisher (2020-Present)
Top Tech Tidbits
The Week's News in Access Technology
https://toptechtidbits.com 🌐

Publisher (2022-Present)
Access Information News
The Week's News in Access Information
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