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JAWS Power Tip: How To Manage Quick Settings and Notifications in Windows 11 with JAWS

Released: 8/31/2023

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JAWS for Windows Tips.

In Windows 10, the Action Center (Quick Settings) and Notification area were accessed in the same area by pressing WINDOWS KEY+A.

In Windows 11, they are split into two menus.

1. Press WINDOWS KEY+A to access quick Settings. These include items such as:

➜ Airplane mode
➜ Bluetooth
➜ Focus (Formerly Focus Assist)
➜ Battery saver

2. Press ESC to exit Quick Settings.

3. Press WINDOWS KEY+N to access notifications. These include notifications for specific apps such as Outlook, Settings, etc.

4. Press TAB to navigate to each app with notifications. When in the notifications for a given app, navigate the individual notifications using the ARROW keys. You will also find buttons for changing settings and clearing notifications for each app, plus a button to clear all notifications.

Press ESC to exit the Notifications area.

The Power of JAWS!

This Tip Brought To You By: Freedom Scientific

To learn more visit the Freedom Scientific website, join the JAWS Software f/t Blind Club on Clubhouse, follow @FreedomSci on Twitter or Facebook, ask your smart speaker to play the Freedom Scientific Training Podcast or subscribe to the Freedom Scientific Training YouTube Channel.

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