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ZoomText Tip: Improve Your Productivity with Multiple Monitors

Released: 4/15/2021

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JAWS for Windows Tips.

Would you like to improve your workflow and productivity?

Hook up a second monitor and use ZoomText's Multiple Monitor Support.

By adding a second monitor to your computer setup, ZoomText can provide advanced magnified views that will allow you to work with greater efficiency.

3 Cool Things You Can Do With Two Monitors and ZoomText's Multiple Monitor Support:

1.) Link the magnified views from two monitors together to create a single view that displays twice as much area. With the larger view, finding what you are looking for and reading are much easier.

2.) Enable independent magnified views on each monitor. Watch a video on one monitor while you take notes on the second monitor or watch for incoming email on one monitor while browsing the web on the second monitor.

3.) Enable independent magnified views on each monitor and use them to see two different places within the same application. For example, you can keep text or a graphic you are formatting in view on one screen while you operate the editing controls on the other screen. As you make the adjustments you see the target object change in real time.

This feature is also available in Fusion.

The Power of ZoomText!

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