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GuideLights And Gadgets Featured Specials for Conventions 2021

Released: 7/15/2021

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GuideLights And Gadgets logo. The silhouette of a man with a cane in one hand and the harness of a trained guide dog in the other walk together through the grass at sunrise. GuideLights And Gadgets. Personal. Affordable. Responsive. Trusted.

There may be two conventions happening, but there is only one community of blind people and we all merit equal recognition, equal treatment, respect, and equal discounts.

No hype, no even more freebies, not even the high tech of e-commerce. What we do, and do well, at GuidLights And Gadgets is the following:

(1) We answer our phones, because we make our living by talking to customers so we can help them decide whether a product will meet their needs. We'd rather forego a sale than sell you something that you don't need and will most likely return.

(2) We underwrite tutorials when others don't or won't. Examples: new infrared thermometer and bp meter, and Orbit Writer.

(3) We seek out products that are not readily available; our community needed a high quality talking non-contact infrared thermometer, and we partnered with the manufacturer to get it done. if it doesn't exist and we have the resources, we'll manufacture it ourselves at lower competitive costs; talking power bank, our own bone conduction headphones.

(4) We don't accept sponsorships, take money for endorsements, or play favorites by "specially interviewing" companies whose tech products we promote.

(5) Our governing principle that has guided Kae and me since we began in 2013 is that we want to have fun in doing what we do and add value and perspective for our customers.

And now for some specials, good throughout the month of July, whereever your affiliation or political inclinations lie:

(1) New Non-collapsing sturdy 7 section aluminum telescopic canes, 48 and 59 inches, $50.00 including shipping.

(2) New 20 cell rugged leather folio Braille Display "carry and use" Case, feels like a hardcover book, 8x10x3 with two middle zippered compartments. We found a better use for a concealed weapons case and its to protect your 20 cell displax. $70 including shipping.

(3) New rugged 5 pocket Cowhide Neck Pouch/Gadget Bag; 4.5 x 7 x 3x. Room for your essentials, trek, phone, wallet, supporting camera openings for use ) AIRA and Be My Eyes. This is a true "biker pouch". $45 incl. shipping.

(4) New huge leather waist pack carrier, 7 pockets, and it has room for your 32 32 cell Braille display and a lot more. 16 long by 8 deep by 5 wide. $55 incl. shipping.

(5) Accurate "hospitap grade" non-contact infrared talking thermometer; you cannot buy this model through Amazon or directly over the Internet. You will get the same reading 3 times in a row, very easy to use, Lisa Salinger audio tutorial, $55 incl. shipping. Similar quality bp cuff type monitor with tutorial and at same price.

(6) Harness light strips; $20, all dog toys, 25 to 75 percent off.

And so much more! Leather bags and purses and pouches; dog and dog handler products for safety, convenience, and hygiene.

Zoom sessions 1 to 5 EDT Friday - Wednesday during ACB convention. Come talk to Barry and Kae.

Door prizes to every 25th paying customer. Tech dog or leather your choice. $50 value.

Barry Scheur
(617) 969-7500 📱️
bscheur.gadgetsandtech@gmail.com 📧️

KaeAnn Rausch
guidelightdogs@gmail.com 📧️
(781) 286-1696 📱️

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