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Top Tech Tidbits Senior Editor Dean Martineau Transitions To Guest Contributor

Released: 8/26/2021

Author: Dean Martineau, Guest Contributor, Top Tech Tidbits

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With a little trepidation and a lot of gratitude, I'm announcing that Issue 821 will be the last issue of Tidbits for which I'll be providing content as Senior Editor. Fear not, though, Tidbits will continue, and just keep getting better.

When I launched top Tech Tidbits some sixteen and a half years ago, I did so because it was the newsletter I wanted to receive, and it didn't exist. As the years have gone by, thanks in large part to the support of Larry Lewis and then of Aaron Di Blasi of Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd., Tidbits has grown to become a publication that thousands of people anticipate and rely on. I have always been gratified by the expressions of appreciation I have received over the years. Tidbits has been a constant in my life and it has given me a feeling of contributing in a small but useful way to the access technology field.

Two circumstances have led me to decide to walk away. First, digging for the latest news in adaptive technology is nowhere near the passion it used to be. I'm more inclined to focus my resources of time, energy and thought on things which are more meaningful to me, working for racial justice and race unity among others. For me, technology is not so much an interest in itself as it is a means to allow me to do other things. Given all this, I could still continue to unearth interesting tech news every week, but I don't need to do so any more.

Until very recently, if I hadn't produced Tidbits, it would not have appeared. But now, Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. has made the publication much more sustainable. As long as sponsorships continue, (understand that it indeed costs money to run a newsletter of this size smoothly,) tidbits can continue to grow and thrive into the future whether or not I am involved. So with this foundation in place, I am free to join the rest of you in happily reading the news every week.

If any of you would like to write me about any of this, I am at ✉. I'm still in the business of providing (mostly remote) adaptive technology training, and I am contemplating a couple AT books, so you'll be able to learn about them in Tidbits when they appear. My new Twitter handle is dean_equity, and I plan to tweet more than I have in the past, on various topics.

Thank you for your support throughout these 821 Tidbits issues, and keep on keeping up thanks to Tidbits.

- Dean Martineau

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