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Fusion Tip: Zoomy, Make it Bigger

Released: 12/2/2021

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Fusion (JAWS and ZoomText) Tips.

The Voice Assistant was new with the 2021 versions of Fusion, ZoomText and JAWS.

Now you can ask Fusion to increase magnification, toggle on screen shade and many other common tasks.

New tasks will be added each release based on user feedback and the types of things you ask it to do.

To start using the Voice Assistant in Fusion you just need to say "Zoomy" followed by a command.

You don't need to wait for the tone to start the command. You can also initiate the Voice Assistant with a keystroke of CAPS LOCK+ALT+SPACE.

You can turn off the tone in settings if this is something that you find distracting. Additionally, settings are where you can turn off the wake word, change your microphone, etc.

JAWS has different commands and keystrokes than Fusion and ZoomText, which share commands.

The Power of Fusion!

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