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JAWS Power Tip: Setting a PlaceMarker on a Webpage

Released: 12/30/2021

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JAWS for Windows Tips.

You may have used Temporary PlaceMarkers to select and or copy text. Now let's see how we can use PlaceMarkers to make it easier to go to controls on a webpage. This would be something you plan to do frequently, like searching on YouTube within a channel or posting in a Facebook group. Yes, in both examples you could just hit the letter "B" until you hear the button you are looking for, but in the case of YouTube the Search Button within the channel is the 11th button on my computer. In the case of this Facebook group the "What's on your mind? Button" is the 9th button.

• Load a page with a button you want to save as a PlaceMarker.

• Locate the button using the letter "B".

• Once you are on the button you can press CTRL+SHIFT+K.

• JAWS will say "PlaceMarker List Dialog, PlaceMarker List View" followed by the name of any PlaceMarkers you have set.

• Press TAB to move to the Add Button and press ENTER.

• You will be prompted for a name, whether you want the PlaceMarker to work on all pages in the domain/website and if you want to use the text of the button so that JAWS can find the PlaceMarker even if the location moves on the webpage.

• Use the TAB to move through the dialog and choose OK once you are done.

• You will return to the webpage.

• The letter "K" and SHIFT+K will move between PlaceMarkers on a webpage.

• The PlaceMarker dialog will allow you to add, remove and change any of your PlaceMarkers.

Make sure you check out "Custom PlaceMarker Page Summary" on https://www.freedomscientific.com/SurfsUp/PlaceMarkers.htm. This feature is very powerful.

The Power of JAWS!

This Tip Brought To You By: Freedom Scientific

To learn more visit the Freedom Scientific website, join the JAWS Software f/t Blind Club on Clubhouse, follow @FreedomSci on Twitter or Facebook, ask your smart speaker to play the Freedom Scientific Training Podcast or subscribe to the Freedom Scientific Training YouTube Channel.

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