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JAWS Power Tip: Personalizing Web Settings

Released: 2/17/2022

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JAWS for Windows Tips.

You can configure many JAWS settings for specific Web sites. Personalized settings apply to all pages of a given domain, such as CNN.com com or FreedomScientific.com:

1. Open the browser and go to the webpage where the settings will be used.

2. Press INSERT+V to open the Quick Settings dialog box. Focus is in the Search edit box.

3. Press DOWN ARROW to move to the Quick Settings tree view.

4. Press P to move to the Personalize Web Settings group. If necessary, press RIGHT ARROW to expand the group.

5. Press DOWN ARROW to move to the different options and groups within Personalize Web Settings, and press SPACEBAR to make changes.

6. After making all necessary changes, press TAB to move to the OK button and then press SPACEBAR to save changes and exit Quick Settings.

The Power of JAWS!

This Tip Brought To You By: Freedom Scientific

To learn more visit the Freedom Scientific website, join the JAWS Software f/t Blind Club on Clubhouse, follow @FreedomSci on Twitter or Facebook, ask your smart speaker to play the Freedom Scientific Training Podcast or subscribe to the Freedom Scientific Training YouTube Channel.

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