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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology. Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.





Top Tech Tidbits Publisher Updates
for May 12th 2022

Released: 5/12/2022

Author: Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher, Top Tech Tidbits

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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology. Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.

Updates below for all members of the Tidbits community. These are general updates for the week of May 12th 2022.

➜ Welcome back to Jonathan Mosen and the Mosen at Large Podcast

I am very happy to report that Top Tech Tidbits will again be publishing each episode of the Mosen at Large Podcast as it is released. We owe Jonathan a big apology because it was never our intention to stop publishing the Mosen at Large Podcast. Tidbits simply grew faster than any of us ever anticipated and when the submissions to the Featured Podcasts section started to rise we introduced some new policy changes in order to maintain the quality of this section and stem the tide of new entry requests. The primary new policy change was that each podcast which was approved to be published within this section would now need to submit complete listing information for each episode themselves, including, at minimum, title, recording date, description and link. Further, if any one of these pieces of information is not provided, the episode will not be published. In effect we needed to ensure that the podcast producers that were being listed in this section were actually providing us with the listing information that we needed in order to list them. Tracking this information down began taking up far too much time. And since it is information that readers require in order to decide of they wish to take advantage of the content we had no choice but to make it a requirement. The apology comes in because I did not make the time to contact everyone that had previously appeared within this section to let them know about the policy change. And for that I am sorry. Which brings us to one of the many and varied purposes of these new Publisher updates. In addition to picking up the most recent episode of every Mosen at Large podcast within Tidbits, readers can now also discover Jonathan Mosen via the Top Tech Tidbits Partners page at https://www.toptechtidbits.com/partners.html#partner-mosen-at-large-podcast.

➜ Bouncing is for Balls. Not Emails. Why Are There So Many Hurdles To Receiving Emails From Top Tech Tidbits?

Speaking from a purely technical perspective there are many reasons that Top Tech Tidbits presents a magnitude of difficulties for both spam filters and block lists alike. First and foremost is the sheer number of links that are present within each email that we send you. This, in itself, is more than enough to get your Tidbits issue bumped into a spam folder or even added to a block list. To the many filters trying to protect your from spam and phishermen our many links look to them like an obvious attempt to make you click on something. Which must be bad. Right? Furthermore, all of the links that we provide you within each email are native, meaning that the actual text for the link appears within the email itself, as opposed to just being hyperlinked to some other text, like the title. Why does Top Tech Tidbits do this? Specifically? Because many users of adaptive technology utilize text-only communication methods within their email clients. This renders any hyperlinked text unnavigable. So we always include full native links so that the maximum number of adaptive technology users can benefit from the information that we provide each week. It is said that nothing worth getting ever comes easy, and it would appear that Tidbits is no exception. Smiles. If you need help receiving Tidbits please feel free to reach out to me and I will provide any guidance that I can to help you get us added to your Tusted Sender's List. Our basic guidance is this. All Top Tech Tidbits newsletters will always be sent to you from the email address enews@toptechtidbits.com. This is the primary email address that you will want to make sure is added to your Trusted Sender's List. But please note that we also communicate with readers, Sponsors and Supporters using two other email addresses. These email addresses are: editors@toptechtidbits.com and publisher@toptechtidbits.com.

➜ PayPal Unable To Serve Deafblind Subscribers. Top Tech Tidbits Offers Free Lifetime Premium Memberships to all Deafblind Readers

Yes. You read that right. Reader John writes in to let us know that while he wishes to sign up to become a Top Tech Tidbits Premium Subscriber he is unable to make out either the visual or audio CAPTCHA that is provided to some users by PayPal when signing up to become a Top Tech Tidbits Premium Subscriber. We reached out to PayPal about the issue but received no response. Which is in no way surprising. Therefore, going forward, lifetime Premium Memberships will be provided to all deafblind Top Tech Tidbits readers, free of charge.

➜ A Note About The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter and Top Tech Tidbits Partner Donna Jodhan

Full disclosure, Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna Jodhan is also a client of the very same company (Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd.) that publishes Top Tech Tidbits, and I, Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher for Top Tech Tidbits, serve as Donna's Project Manager here at Mind Vault. Donna became the very first sponsor (ever) of the Top Tech Tidbits newsletter when it transitioned to a not-for-profit model. She and John Panarese jumped in to support the distribution of the publication on the very first day the transition was announced. Something I will never forget. Over time Donna realized that the audience for Top Tech Tidbits was a very technical one. One that simply did not care as much about lifestyle news as they did about more empowering technology topics. And I agreed with her. This is one of the primary reasons that Tidbits immediately began to separate news into two different categories upon ttransition. The first category represented Tidbits themselves. Actionable pieces of weekly information that readers could use to immediately improve the accessibility of their digital experiences. The second category was "Press Releases and Other News". In this section we began to include news items that were inextricably related to the BVI industry, but otherwise would have been rejected as Tidbits. In other words, "current lifestyle news and trends for the blind, deaf, deafblind and disabled that are not directly related to technology." Which is the very tagline for the Blind Lifestyle Newsletter. Donna began funding the distribution of this newsletter in January of this year (2022) to serve blind, deaf, deafblind and disabled readers that preferred to read lifestyle news over technology news. Donna asked if she could Partner with Top Tech Tidbits to provide the content for this newsletter and I agreed. So now, once a month, you can receive a compilation of the most recent BVI news that is not directly related to technology. This is a monthly compliation of the very same content that appears weekly within the "Press Releases and Other News" section of Top Tech Tidbits. So if you care more about BVI lifestyle news than you do technology news, or if you just want to separate your reading into these two categories, then you might find this new newsletter worth a read. Review past issues here. Sign up to receive it here. One final note. The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter is currently awarding partnerships to select individuals, businesses and organizations that have a proven track record of serving the blind and vision impaired community from anywhere in the world. A partnership currently provides you with a free profile in each issue of the Blind Lifestyle Newsletter. These partnerships are currently being awarded by Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna Jodhan, free of charge, in order to help grow the distribution list for the Blind Lifestyle Newsletter. Learn more here.

Thanks so much for reading, we look forward to keeping you informed.

Aaron Di Blasi, PMP (2006 - Present)
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The Week's News in Access Technology
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