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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology. Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.





Top Tech Tidbits Publisher Updates
for June 2nd 2022

Released: 6/2/2022

Author: Aaron Di Blasi, Publisher, Top Tech Tidbits

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Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology. Masthead logo includes title as well as five stylized access logos, clockwise a long cane user, enlarged print, fingers signing interpreter, full braille cell, hearing aid user.

Updates below for all members of the Tidbits community. These are general updates for the week of June 2nd 2022.

1.) Top Tech Tidbits Click-To-Vote Quick Polls Are A Hit

Last week we launched our very first Top Tech Tidbits Click-To-Vote Quick Poll and the feedback has been fantastic. There is no form to fill out so each Click-To-Vote Quick Poll is always completely accessible. And really easy to participate in, which readers really seemed to appreciate. That said, Top Tech Tidbits Click-To-Vote Quick Polls are here to stay. We may not place one in every issue, but we do plan to include them as often as we can. If you have suggestions for a Click-To-Vote Quick Poll please send them along. Results will always be published in the very next issue. Soon it is our hope that Sponsors will begin posing questions of their own. More on that below.

2.) Attention Sponsors and Sponsors-in-Waiting: Top Tech Tidbits Sponsorship Package Availability

In an attempt to alleviate some of the frustration that many potential sponsors have felt from being on our waiting list for such a long time, we have made the decision to add two additional Sponsorship Packages as of June 1st 2022. This means that Top Tech Tidbits will now offer a total of 14 Sponsorship Packages, rather than 12. The additional funds generated from these two packages will be used to expand both Sponsor Benefits (more on that below) as well as the depth and breadth of the publication itself. We do not intend to offer any additional Sponsorship Packages beyond these two, not now or in the future, but we will continue to be as sensitive as possible to the number of potential sponsors that wish to reach Tidbits readers with their products and services. In all sincerity this was not really something that we wanted to do, but we simply could not allow the waiting list to grow any larger, or any longer. We never anticipated that Tidbits would end up helping so many, and that was not something that we wanted to stand in the way of. Especially since additional sponsors benefit readers as well as the publication itself. I'm sorry to report that this does not mean that there will be any additional sponsorship packages available to anyone that was not already on our waiting list. Our waiting list was much longer than two potential sponsors so I imagine these two spots will fill very quickly. This will however increase our overall sponsorship package availability going forward, so that hopefully we can serve even more of those on our waiting list in even less time. Here's to that.

3.) Attention Sponsors: New Sponsor Benefit Announcement

I am very happy to report that we have added a new Sponsor Benefit for all current and future Sponsors beginning June 1st 2022. In addition to all of the benefits that Sponsors have traditionally enjoyed in the past, beginning June 1st 2022 you will also be awarded 1 issue date per quarter within which you may schedule a single Click-To-Vote Quick Poll of your own design. If you are already an Annual Sponsor, then you now have 4 Click-To-Vote Quick Poll dates available to you for scheduling. If you are a Quarterly Sponsor, then you now have 1 Click-To-Vote Quick Poll date available to you for scheduling. Much like Featured Advertisements, there will only be one Quick Poll published per issue. Poll Results will be aggregated throughout the week of publication and presented to you one week later. Sponsors have asked for a way to receive reader feedback for a very long time, and we always wanted to provide it. We just needed to find the right mechanism by which to deliver it. And I truly believe that Click-To-Vote Quick Polls are the answer. If you have a question about this new benefit not answered on the Sponsorship Information page of the Top Tech Tidbits website, you can always reach me directly at: publisher@toptechtidbits.com.

4.) Attention Sponsors And Weekly Content Providers: New Submission Deadline of 6:00 PM ET

Attention all Sponsors and weekly Content Providers. Please note that as of June 1st 2022 the Submission Deadline for all content will change from 8:00 PM ET to 6:00 PM ET on the day before the issue is to be published. You can use this tool to convert this time to your own time zone. Needless to say, the publication is growing, and we now need more time than ever before to prepare each issue. We are asking all Sponsors and weekly content contributors to please understand that this deadline must be enforced in order to publish each issue on time. We are, very unfortunately, unable to make exceptions. Therefore, if your advertisement or content submission is received with a time stamp after 6:00 PM ET, we will be unable to publish it in that issue. Your content will be held and any dates you might have secured will be credited back to your account. Please help us, and yourself, by getting your content in as early as you can. You'll be happy you did! :)

5.) Top Tech Tidbits Welcomes Blind Abilities as a Top Tech Tidbits Partner

Welcome aboard to Jeff Thompson and the Blind Abilities network. I am very happy to report that we will be publishing the most recent issue of the Blind Abilities Podcast in each issue of Top Tech Tidbits going forward, giving you more of the news you need, all in one place. Blind Abilities podcasts cover the latest technology and developments that enhance quality of life for the blind and visually impaired. With the iPhone 101 / QuickBytes demonstrations, the Tech Abilities Show and over 855 Blind Abilities podcast episodes, there really is something for everyone. Readers can learn more about this new Top Tech Tidbits Partner at: https://www.toptechtidbits.com/partners.html#blind-abilities

Thanks so much for reading, we look forward to keeping you informed.

Aaron Di Blasi, PMP (2006 - Present)
Publisher, Top Tech Tidbits
The Week's News in Access Technology
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Sr. Project Management Professional, Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd.
Innovative ideas. Solutions that perform.
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