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Reader Review: PenFriend 3 Voice Labeling System By Maxi Aids, Color Detector, Humanware Video Magnifier and Seeing AI

Released: 6/23/2022

Author: Gwen Costello Becker, Top Tech Tidbits Reader

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Reader review. Fingers read and navigate via a desktop braille display on top of which sits a full QWERTY keyboard.

PenFriend 3 Voice Labeling System sold at Maxi Aids looks great, but isn't. My mother can see, but has macular degeneration and has lost a lot of her vision. The pen recording system is not good. It doesn't always record smoothly. The playback is also difficult because the label is small and the pen has to be held just so in order to play back what is recorded on the label. If you are low vision you have to find the label and then hold the pen just right. It was too late to send it back. So a real loss in money.

I also bought the Color Detector before I knew there were some free apps that do it. It was no good at all. Not consistent and mostly wrong on the colors of fabrics. I bought it so Mom could know what color her clothes are. We ended up putting notes with big writing in the pockets of her clothes and using the video magnifier to read where I wrote on labels inside her clothes. I did send this one back and got a refund.

I bought the small HumanWare video magnifier at $700.00 but it is worth every penny. Easy to use (except for opening the stand for my 96 year old mom) and she can read labels, her mail, and is much more independent. HumanWare Video Magnifier is a god send. Have played around with Seeing AI (company is very good with feedback).

This Review Brought To You By:

Gwen Costello Becker, Top Tech Tidbits Reader
Email: gcbnapa@sbcglobal.net 📧️

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