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Dolphin SuperNova Power Tip: Resolving Keyboard Conflicts With The Dolphin Cursor When Browsing The Web

Released: 6/30/2022

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Dolphin SuperNova Tips.

Sometimes you may find that the Dolphin Cursor Quick Navigation Keys conflict with a website's keyboard commands.

For example, on the YouTube website the letter K enables you to play and pause a video's playback but this is also the SuperNova Quick Navigation Key to move the Dolphin cursor to the next link on a webpage.

Where a conflict exists, SuperNova always has priority. This ensures you are able to have full access to your assistive technology without being hindered by an application.

If, on the other hand, you require the application to recognize your keystroke and not SuperNova, then you must tell SuperNova to ignore your next keypress.

To do this:

1.) Press LEFT CONTROL + 7 or, if you are using the Laptop hotkey set, press CAPS LOCK + 3. SuperNova says "Allow through" and temporarily turns off its hotkeys.

2.) Press your required keyboard command. Once pressed, SuperNova will automatically turn on its hotkeys again.

You can learn more about resolving hotkey conflicts through the SuperNova Manual. You can access the SuperNova Manual through the "Help" menu of the SuperNova Control Panel.

This Tip Brought To You By: Dolphin Computer Access

Learn more about SuperNova on the Dolphin Website, register for free webinars or subscribe to the SuperNova Everyday Essentials YouTube Playlist.

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